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Ventaras Inc.

Ventaras Inc., is a company dedicated to working in three primary market spaces.

Primarily, Ventaras Inc. is interested in working with companies looking to develop or enhance, digital commerce transaction strategies.

Secondly, we are interested in working with companies that are interested in raising capital for specialized projects or business cases. Ventaras Inc, will access our pool of funding experts to assist in raising capital for specific projects.

Third, we work with best of breed solution providers and consultants to offer solutions for data storage systems for specialized applications, realtime tracking of project work through our Nmonik brand and the ability to bring together diverse teams through our unique pool of accessible talent. We also will be offering two unique solutions in the marketplace surrounding Research and Development.

Ventaras Inc., is interested in developing relationships with service providers with superior solutions in the data mining environment, data storage environment, capital provision, Research and Development sector and Clean Technology area.

For more information or any inquiries relating to partnering with Ventaras Inc., please send an email to:

KEVINF@VENTARAS.COM.  Indicate in the Subject line : Partner Inquiry.

Please indicate in the message what you are interested in partnering on,

The timeframe that you would be interested in discussing an opportunity and

The contact information for a Ventaras Inc. representative to contact you.

Ventaras Inc. will reply to all messages received within 14 business days.

We will integrate a Live Attendant for responses by October 2011.